Infrastructure Highlights

The factories are built on over 8 acres (approximately 25000 sq meters) of prime land in Kanpur. The State of the art factory is equipped with German machinery and production technology and has a proven production history to established UK and European branded customers. Its prime location in Kanpur, India, in the heart of the leather industry, gives it access to a highly skilled and motivated, yet low cost workforce supervised by an excellent production team.

Tannery Division

Since 1960 manufacturing all kinds of leathers for Domestic and Export market. It is an important supplier and backbone of the Footwear Division and Bag & Belts Division. Tannery has a full-fledged laboratory with all modern instruments to test all the parameters of processed Leather. It has a capacity of Finished Leather 10,00,000 Sq.Ft. per month.


 An I.S.O. 9001-2015 Company, is a Safety Shoe and Boot manufacturer with modern concept of shoe making. It has a production capacity of 60,000-90,000 pairs of Shoes and 150,000-200,000 of Uppers per month. All Safety shoes & Shoe Uppers are backed by a product Liability Insurance as such utmost Quality Control Standards are adopted. Health and safety laws in most countries demand workers feet are well protected with Steel Toe Safety Shoes hence all shoes are tested and certified to the Safety Standards of each Country.

Bags & Belt Division

An I.S.O. 9001-2015 Company, manufactures all kinds of Leather Bags, Leather Belts and accessories. It has a production capacity of 10000 pcs Leather Bags per month & 100000 pcs Leather Belts per month.