Social Responsibility


ZAZ is very conscious about the environment and has taken many measures towards being environmental friendly. We are proud to say that we do no discharge waste water without treatment, i.e. making it free from sludge and non-biodegradable residues through very modern Effluent Treatment Plant. In addition to this, we have installed Chrome Recovery Plant, i.e. all chrome is recovered and reused in the tanning and is not let out. We have also dust/soot-collectors attached to our boilers and other tanning machines like buffing and paint spray etc., so that heavy dust particles are filtered before any flue-gases are let out in the atmosphere.

Besides business development which is an ongoing process, ZAZ is also way ahead in fulfilling its social obligations towards nation building.ZAZ has been running for the last 60 years two educational institutions at their native place, Agra, by converting their ancestral properties – one for boys, Ahmadia Hanfia Intermediate College, having strength of 1000 students and the other for girls, Anwari Neelofar Girls Intermediate College,   having strength of 1200 students. Both the schools are recognized by U.P. Board of Schools, imparting education to under-privileged and backward sections of the society.  The Management and maintenance of the schools is made by the ZAZ family out of its own charitable trust.